One-of-a-kind Trading Platform, Two Interfaces – Meet NEO and PRO

Wintrado is a technology provider offering multiple trading experiences on top of one solid turn-key platform.

Brokers can use NEO or PRO trading interface to satisfy all types of traders based on their needs and preferences.

Traders can navigate between NEO and PRO at any time. Both interfaces, NEO and PRO are available on Web, Desktop and Mobile for a unique trading experience. No App Stores needed, downloadable with simple click.

Select The Platform that will satisfy the needs of all your clients


Intuitive to use, yet featured with the most required trading tools


Our technology is designed to adapt to your business as it grows


Cost effective solution to cover your operational needs


Customize with your brand logo


Quick and easy to integrate with other service providers


24/5 technical support and full training for your staff

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