Release Notes – September 2023: Enhancements and Improvements to Wintrado Platform


Release Notes September 2023

What’s new?


Adapter Configuration available in admin portal

Adapters are now available via the admin portal to configure existing adapters (e.g., FIX Connections and Status) and add new once to the platform. By default, FIX-Quoter and FIX-Positions are set.

Country filter for Leads

Leads can now be filtered by Country via the admin portal.

Added required fields when creating a new customer

We added validation errors to ensure that when a user is created that no required fields are left blank.

Added pagination for sales agent’s page in admin portal

We added pagination to the sales agent’s page to ensure a better admin experience with larger list of sales individuals.

Instrument Details now show the minimum and maximum lot sizes

The minimum and maximum available lot size per instrument is now available in the details page of a specific instrument.

Added wallet picker functionality on webtrader PRO

Users can now switch between wallets easily from within the trading apps without Signing out and back in.

Real-time update on conversion configurations

We removed the need for a server restart to update conversion rules.

Account lock mechanism implemented to prevent closing of too many orders on Stop Out

We added this feature to prevent a stop out to close too many positions.

Added global Shortcuts for Order Placement

We added a tooltip on the place order button to show a short cut to improve the user experience when executing an order. Traders can use `Ctrl + O` from anywhere in the app to bring up the “Place Order” screen.

Added option to configure whether losses should consume credit or real balance first

Platform operators can now determine whether they want losses to be taken from the credit or real balance first.

Update to Monospace Font for Pricing in Apps

We updated the font of prices to monospace to prevent the prices from jumping when the value changes.

Hedged margin percentage added to admin portal

The hedged margin percentage is now configurable in the admin portal instruments settings.
With a hedged margin percentage of 50% for example, a client with opposite positions of equal side (e.g. 1 lot EURUSD BUY and 1 lot EURUSD SELL) will only be required to have the margin for a single position. The hedged margin is set to 100% by default so that it works as if no hedging was taking place.


Removing redundant redirects during the signup process

We reduced the number of redirects when signing up to ensure a better user experience.

iOS Users are no longer redirected to the login page when trying to use the webtrader

We fixed a bug that caused users on iOS devices to be redirected to the login page when they tried to go to the webtrader platform.

Bulk updates on leads will now include updating the sales agent

We fixed an issue where the sales agent was not updated with the status when trying to perform a bulk update on leads.

Historical chart data on Equities is now available past current trading sessions

We resolved an issue where historic equities price data were not visible in the chart.

Auto close on Order fulfilment screen

We fixed an issue with the confirmation screen on an executed order where the screen state stayed in focus. It now auto closes on a predefined number of seconds.

Backdrop Errors no longer overlay the menu on mobile devices

We fixed a bug where the backdrop of errors overlayed the user menu on all mobile devices.

Update the Margin Call Detection

We updated the margin call calculation to equity / used Margin formula to ensure accurate margin call calculations.

Balance retrieval issue revised on withdrawal dialog

The user’s account balance can now be fetched again within the withdrawal dialog instead of showing an error message.

Revised Issue with trading engine crashes due to DB connection exhaustion

We fixed an issue with the DB connections when under heavy load from concurrent orders.

Revised issue with invalid position duration values

Admin users can no longer save fractional position duration values which could’ve caused crashes of the trading gateway prior to this fix.

Revised issue with Position attributes not synced between cashier and gateway

Fixed an issue where a position is opened without a stop loss and is later modified with a stop loss and was not shown in cashier.
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