Release Notes October 2023 – Wintrado Version 10/2023


Release Notes October 2023

What’s new?


Market Sentiment Gauge on Instrument Details

We have added a Market Sentiment Gauge into the Instrument Details that is designed to display whether the platforms users currently are more inclined to buy or sell a particular financial instrument.

Risk Management Dashboard Filters for Group and Wallet Type

In the Admin Portal you can now filter positions based on Group and Account Type. This functionality enhances the ability to analyze and manage risk statistics, especially when differentiating between users on the A-Book and B-Book.

Custom Mark-up Configuration

As an admin, you can now exercise greater control over pricing and trading conditions on the Wintrado platform. This update enables the customization of trading conditions, allowing you to define a mark-up per group and instrument on the Wintrado platform.

Real-Time Wallet Information in Admin Portal

As an admin, you now have the capability to access real-time wallet information directly from the admin portal. This feature provides you with up-to-the-minute insights into various financial aspects, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions and manage user accounts effectively.

Reenable Wallets for Enhanced Administrative Control

Admins are now able to reenable wallets, offering a more flexible and efficient approach to account management. Restoring a previously disabled wallet, allows the customer to resume trading and accessing their account balance. Temporarily suspending a wallets activity, ensures that customers cannot perform financial transactions or trades while disabled.

Configurable Per-Group Margin Call and Stop Out Levels

As a platform admin, you now have the flexibility to configure per-group margin call and stop out levels. This feature empowers you to tailor margins and stop out requirements to the specific needs and risk tolerances of different user groups.

Modify Pending Orders

Administrators now gain the capability to modify key attributes of pending orders.

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