Release Notes November 2023

Wintrado News November

Release Notes November 2023

What’s new?

Better Display of Trading Symbols

Trading instruments are now shown either with their uploaded icons or the first letter of their symbol. This is an improvement over the question mark previously shown which incorrectly suggested an issue with the instrument configuration.
Furthermore, the misleading wintradoId parameter and instrument translations have been removed so that instruments are now always shown with their symbols instead of custom names.

Disable Swap Charges at Group-Level

To support Islamic accounts, the system now allows you to disable swap-charges at the group level.

Admins Can Add Positions Manually to Customer Accounts

For migrations purposes and to e.g. fix system issues, admins can now manually add positions at arbitrary open prices to customer accounts.
These actions are strictly tracked in the Audit log and cannot be altered so that abuse is easy to identify.

Configurable Columns in CRM Customer View

Users can now select which columns they would like to be displayed in the main customer’s view of the CRM. Some additional options have been added as well such as Referrer, Last deposit date, Last comment date and Last contact date.
The selection is persisted across page loads.

Configurable Page Sizes for Admin Portal List Views

Most Admin Portal lists now have the ability to configure the page size, i.e. how many items are displayed. Users can find the selector in the bottom right corner of the table view.

Affiliate/IB Grey Labeling

We are introducing the ability for affiliates to create a custom branded version of the application. This is not full white- labeling, the affiliate does not obtain any admin permissions through this.
However, on the sign-up page (when a referral code is used) and in the app headers an affiliate logo is displayed when configured.
For the feature to be available at all, it must first be configured in the Commission Scheme assigned to the IB/Affiliate:

Once enabled, the affiliate will be able to upload their custom logos in the affiliate portal:

Group Deletion

Groups can now be deleted. If any wallets are still assigned to the group that gets deleted, they will be reassigned to the default group.

If you want to delete the default group, you must first choose a new default group under Settings -> Onboarding.

Captcha Provider Configuration Via Admin Portal

To prevent bots from signing up accounts, Recaptcha V3 cannot be configured to be active on the sign-up page. The configuration is done via the Admin Portal under Settings -> Integrations.
The score is the cut-off score until which form input is still accepted. Recommended values are usually between 0.4 and 0.7, but you may need to experiment a bit based on your target demographics and user feedback.

Real-time View of Trading Wallet Balances

The Wallets view has been augmented to show key information such as margin levels, profit/loss and equity.

Orders Filtering by Symbol

Orders in the Admin Portal can now be filtered by instrument/symbol.

Adding Instruments Does Not Require Server Restart Anymore

New trading symbols can now be added via the Admin Portal without requiring a manual restart of the trading server. The subscription symbols with the FIX Price Feed will automatically be updated.

Withdrawal Stats on Customer Detail Page

The Stats section on the customer detail page now shows the total withdrawal amount throughout the customer’s lifetime to identify malicious / scalping behavior more easily.

Redesigned Account Statement on PRO

The PRO app now features a completely redesigned account statement providing better clarity on deposits/withdrawals and positions.
It supports selecting any of the customer’s wallets as well as custom date ranges. An Excel spreadsheet export is also available for e.g. tax purposes.

New Aggregation Options for PRO Charts

The new aggregation options of 30 minutes and 4 hours have been added to the PRO Charts.

Trading Apps (NEO + PRO) Remember Selected Symbol

Previously the trading apps would always show the configured Default Instrument on load.
This behavior made switching back and forth between the trading app and e.g. signal applications a bit cumbersome.
Since this update, the apps now save the last selected symbol and will show it on load. Should the symbol have meanwhile been removed or disabled, the default will be shown.

Multiple Email Provider Options

We have recently received reports from customers who had trouble creating Sendgrid accounts, so several new email providers have been added as additional options.
Configure your provider under Settings -> Integrations -> Email provider.
The new providers are:

  • – Mailgun
  • – Brevo
  • – Generic SMTP (any SMTP server)

Margin Requirements Check of Pending Orders Now Happens At Execution, Not Placement

Previously the margin requirements for pending orders (STOP, LIMIT) were validated when the order was placed, i.e. placement of an order was only possible with sufficient margin in the account.
If the margin had dropped by the time the strike price was hit however, the order has still been executed, potentially leading to an immediate margin call or even stop out.
This logic has been changed so that the validation now happens when the strike price is hit (just before execution). If insufficient margin is available at that time, the order will simply move into the REJECTED state and won’t open any positions.

Instant Update of Hedged Position Margins When Closing Hedged Position

Previously when a hedged position had been closed, the margins of the remaining positions of the given symbol were only updated when a new quote for them arrives. This caused the (visible) margin in the trading app to temporarily drop when closing a hedged position. This has been fixed now so that all margins are updated immediately after closing.

Bugfix: NEO App Did Not Show Error for Insufficient Funds

The NEO app did not show appropriate feedback when the user had insufficient funds in his account to open a position. The respective error message has been added.

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