Maximize Your Broker's Potential

Wintrado offers you the most powerful App for the acquisition of a new client category. It has never been easier to onboard novice traders from a wider audience than with our innovative mobile App and web platform. Simply maximize your efforts, over-perform your business objectives and create new revenue streams with Wintrado.

Boost Client Acquisition

Our industry has shifted enormously, and the market is characterized by elementary competition. Why focus on the same clients as the competition? Find out how to be different with Wintrado and attract a plethora of different clients.

Increase Trading Volume

Wintrado has supporting graphic and sound features that make the App particularly simple and intuitive to use for traders. Combined with the time limitation, you can significantly boost your trading volumes.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Increase your brand awareness with a new solution that will help you stand out from the competition. Your clients will experience a complete new trading environment with less risk while you increase your revenues.

Quick set up & integration

Wintrado can be easily and swiftly integrated to your new or existing MT4/MT5 trading infrastructure or any other trading platform via FIX API.


Wintrado offers additional resources such as training, videos, webinars, news etc, all of which are designed to educate your end users on the Wintrado experience.

Available Languages

wintrado is available in English, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese. More languages can be added based on your requirements.


wintrado can be integrated with almost any broker backend on the market, as well as proprietary solutions. All data from our reporting, CMS and statistics about the app usage can be accessed in real-time via a state-of-the-art REST interface.

Client Support

Not only does wintrado offer support to you we also service the end users and our team is always at hand to help your clients.


At wintrado we understand that every broker has their own reporting tools and we are here to integrate the App as smoothly as possible to your existing environment.

24/7 Support Team

Our Support Team is on standby around the clock to help with any technical or operational issues you may have. Furthermore, we guide you on how to use wintrado optimally, so you can run your business more effectively and increase profits.

Choose Your Package


Use the Standard Wintrado Mobile App and benefit from fast and easy integration at low cost. Start today and attract new clients tomorrow with the full range of Wintrado features.


Benefit from a fully customizable technology under your own brokerage brand name. Get your own App and leverage the marketing factor today!


Use the Wintrado Webtrader for your classic traders, available in both versions, standard and white label. Benefit from all App features on the Web. Stand-alone or in addition to the mobile app.

wintrado offers integration with almost every broker backend (MT4/MT5) and will give you access to a whole new group of customers.