Simple. Exciting. Fun.

Experience a unique way of trading financial
products powered by gaming features



Wintrado has supporting graphic and sound features that make the App particularly simple and intuitive to use.


The Trading App is slim, tidy, clear and simple to navigate. It is hassle free for traders, who do not have extensive trading experience. You don’t have to think about complicated market jargon such as: lots, stop/loss, or margin, all that you have to pay attention to is how much money per point shall be taken to risk/win and how much credit is needed to risk per trade.

Real-Time Profit/Loss

As soon as you decide to buy or sell a position, you will find the bubble in the middle of the screen to monitor your actual profit/loss. You can close your position(s) at any-time or just wait until it expires.

Lower Risk

You choose the amount of money you would like to invest/risk per point for each position, which will clearly define your profit and absolute draw-down in a transparent way.

Time Mode

After choosing the product you would like to trade, you can select the trade duration starting from 5-minute interval to a maximum of 60-minute interval of trade. This feature allows you to keep short term positions, avoid market moves and lower your risk.

Broad Selection of Instruments

wintrado allows brokers to integrate their available trading instruments into the app. For a great and fun trading experience, instruments with good market data and high volatility are recommended.

Sound and Graphic Effects

wintrado has supporting graphic and sound features that make the App particularly simple and intuitive to use. It logically delivers only the most important trading-components in a user-friendly way.


Wintrado is taking trading technology to the next level and offers traders a simple, playful App to place financial trades. The technology is comprised of a front end/client’s interface, back end and information input, and a pricing engine and gateway that allows to push live data feed to the mobile app.


The app’s powerful reporting views allow you to keep track of your precise profit/loss from monthly balance sheets to per-trade details.


Wintrado is available in more than 8 languages, such as German, English, Chinese, Russian and many more.


Wintrado guides novice traders through every step of the journey from opening an account to their first trade.

How it works

Watch our introduction video to find out more on how the app works, how to download it and how to get started.


wintrado has already been integrated with many broker platforms. Are you a broker and interested in an integration?